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Sakura Girls Secondary School (SGSS)

In January 2016, ​SGSS was founded at Arusha in United Republic of Tanzania.


  SGSS focuses on science education in particular. As well as students learn on books, they study science subjects practically. Deep understanding can be obtained through experiences. For that, We posses 3 laboratories and full of experimental appliance for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

  Additionally, students are permitted to read books and use computers to find out and study their curiosity at library.

​Future Leaders

  SGSS produces leaders to develop the betterment of the future Tanzania.  Students make decision by themselves and obtain “Influence” through debates and speeches.

In a debate class, students express their opinions to convince opponents.

  And they speech about what they are interested in or what they want to emphasize in rotation.  Students improve the necessary skills to be leaders at school.

Japan & Tanzania

  SGSS offers “Japanese Culture Class” as a special curriculum. Japanese staff teach about Japanese cultures and their attractiveness. And we invite guest teachers from universities and enterprise in Japan. Students are expected to be bridges between Tanzania and Japan.

  We have a Japanese educational expert to host workshops to improve skills for teachers. High quality education will make it possible that students are going to get chances to study or work in Japan.



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